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The proposed approach of these seminars enhances the discovery of the psychosomatic restrictions preventing the organism from functioning harmoniously. These blockages will be investigated with the help of non volitional movements and postures (asana) and will be re-integrated into the natural flow of energy through the use of breath free of all restraint (pranayama).
The letting go of images and resistances allows the body to experience its original state of transparency and light, which directly refers to stillness. It is a matter of tuning our instrument to vibrate in harmony with the deep current of life, thereby liberating sensitivity, which unfolds beyond all bounds.
In these meetings, free from all traditionalism, the various ramifications of the awakening of the subtle energies are considered, bodily exercise providing the opportunity to free oneself from fear and desire.
This purification by the unrestricted circulation of energies sanctifies the whole being. The reintegration of these energies into our fundamental verticality finds expression in every aspect of life.
This approach which recognizes the body as a breath of the Self belongs to the non dual tradition of Kashmir tantric Shivaism.

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The practice of this yoga-darshana is not recommended for those who have a psychiatric history or those who are currently undergoing psychiatric therapy or medication. The deeper undertaking of this art may create conditions which are difficult to handle for those who are already psychologically fragile. The extreme depersonalization this approach entails is in no way appropriate for those without ample psychological resources and who are already less well-integrated into our society. Such a statement is in no way a rejection of anyone, but in order to engage in the adventure that this tradition invites, any pathological conditions should have already been resolved. As long as there is a need to love or be loved, to be heard, understood or respected, to require tranquillizers or other pharmaceutical products, such emotional restrictions may awaken latent psychoses or stimulate those which are already present in those for whom the world is already complex, questionable and aggressive. Knowing nothing, wanting nothing, being nothing is profound balance for the non-Self, but total madness for the personality.